Sunday, March 15, 2009

Me playing around with the idea of using PS and Flash to simplify the animation and knock out as many inbetweens as possible. I'll post a full video of the scene when it's done. The downside is it's going to look "flashy" and the secondary animation may get stiffer. The upside is I don't have to draw settles. Bascially what i've done is inked 3 drawings. Then done all the colouring in PS in separate files. I then compress those and transfer them to a "master" scene file. I then copy that to a "stretch/squash" file where I can tinker around with spacing/stretch/squash. I then flatten each individual drawing and export it as a jpg (these being only 15% the original size." I may export on the BG or I might do them as a file compatiable with harmony and just have them layered there.


MayYeo said...

Geebus, I didn't understand ANYTHING of what you wrote, which makes me think it's very complicated and you should do things the "traditional" way xD (j/k).

Christopher Hodgey said...

Next post I'll show yea May :)