Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lika panels for PA III

ated: December 10, added a few scenes. No sound yet. so in Scene 2 imagine a phone is ringing. Added spinning note scene.

Here's some quick Lika panels I'm doing for the reel. No big animation, just some general posing. My philosophy for this film is very simple. Nice posing, very little/limited animation = finished film.


Collin Tsandilis said...


Looking awesome man!

Mat Hains said...

YeAH! Can't wait to see it finished man.

Christopher Hodgey said...

Thx gang. I'm having a blast working on this. In Jan I won't be working the retail thing so it's PA III every day till I crack! Good times!

Nachshon Rubel said...

hey hodge, very nice stuff!!
I like it.
remmeber our buisnes idea?

Christopher Hodgey said...

Thx Nash! Of course. Everything is leading up to that!