Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vampire run cycle

Here's a preview of my next run cycle. I'm going to base it off of the illustration below. I'll post it when it's completed. Basically what I'm going to do differently is to create the symbols using the paintbrush tool and stretch out the lines to create symbols which capture the original paint brush lines.

sting a preview. I'm still figuring out how to
do the cape in harmony. Atm the idea is to do the entire thing rough on one layer in the program then clean it up on an additional layer. Plus, atm there's no set BG. The legs and arms are pretty much how I want them though. When it's 99% finished I'll post a vimeo version.

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Trent Correy said...

Love it Hodgey, you're always up to no good!! Great post as always.