Sunday, May 31, 2009

11 second Club May

I pulled a few of the drawings from my May entry to the 11 second club. I'll link the video once it's downloaded. I def learned a few things which I'll be applying to a June entry (assuming I'm not working much) I wanted to try applying some of the principles of limited animation to this project to lesson the amount of work (ie redrawing things I don't need to redraw.)

What I learned: Animating the whole head for the first phrase looks a bit wonky, it's better to manipulate a few of the features of the face and only redraw the big action (ie when he says "Go")

I put the majority of my time into "and see im fly and better still see im back." Which looks decent. The lip sync is off, but the action works. I ended up putting a lot of it on ones, so some of the purty' drawings got buried in the motion. More settle more secondary next time.

The rest of the dialoque got rushed due to time and the lip sync is really chopping because I started it on friday. I was running out of time so "it's dead exciting" didn't have the the impact I was hoping for. For the next one I'll build better mouth shapes so I have more to work with and slug it out better. All in all it was a fun experience and I look forward to hacking away at another one.


Nachshon Rubel said...

nice man! really nice movment
its cool to see at list somebody has been animating latly...

Mat Hains said...

i really love that turn between "fly" and "see him back". Are you doing it the same way you would in flash or harmony? Drawing in a bunch of mouths/eyes, but then fully animating the big movement? Your inking is looking solid man, you should probably take out the blue lines in photoshop, so we can really see your awesome inked lines without being distracted by the blue.


Christopher Hodgey said...

Thx mathieu. Yea that's pretty much what I tried too do. The first attempt was with the first line of dialogue. In retrospect I don't think I need to separate the entire head. it ends up looking a bit too wobbly. The end dialogue is a bit closer to the right idea, I just need to do a lot more mouth shapes and more drawings to avoid the stiffness. But yea, "fly and see im back" is where I put about 90% of my energy.