Monday, September 14, 2009

Project: Awesome III is a go!

And it begins. Here's a quick character blink test for the 2009 indie! I'm going to update the character, as I've been drawing him for 2 months already. I'll post as I go.

Rough keys/break downs for a simple yawn to play around with the design to see if it is animatable-ble

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gorgamörf the troll!

Project Awesome II is a go!

This short is based on my old troll character "Gorgamorf!"

All the drawings are done I just need to play around with PS/Flash to get it to clock in at 15 seconds. Should be do-able. I'm trying to push the principles a bit more. The colouring will be a bit different. And I'm spending more time tweaking the in-between drawings based on the principles of element animation. I'll post it as I go. The tests will look pretty ugly but you get the idea!

Update: Done like dinner. The colouring idea was so-so. I alos added the 15 sec audio clip Stephen Mercer did for me to spice it up.