Sunday, November 13, 2011

100 char challenge. 1-5

I'm going to attempt the "100 character challenge." Basically you make a list of 100 characters and role a dice, then draw them one at a time. This is something I can casually do in my spare time purely for fun. I'll update each post with five drawings.

This pose will contain
1. Character 55 "Guile" from Street Fighter 2.
2. Character 02 "Jigen" from Lupin III
3. Character 94 "Sailor Mercury" from Sailor Moon.
4. Character 21 U2 "Macphisto"
5. Character 80. Original.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

lizard anim

Keys for an anim I am thinking of doing in harm ... again if I can find the time. Basically, a lizard runs in and scoops up my Kir character then runs off screen. The feet positions are a general guide. In harmony I'ld add some of the missing feet from the existing ones.