Tuesday, June 30, 2009

11 second June

Here's my entry for the June's 11 second. Again I ran out of time and for awhile there I had shelfed the idea of doing it. Originally I was going to just do a line test at the college, but that fell through, so I spent 8 hours today scanning each individual drawing via my scanner. This is after staying up till 5am in the morning trying to tween some of it. I didn't really attempt the lip sync. Boo urns. Still it was at least 100 individual drawings which is up from last month. Tonight I get to hear next months audio and start planning that one out. Remember to go vote for this months entries!

Also is anyone else having problems seeing the video? I think it has something to do with the exporting.

1 comment:

MayYeo said...

Hey Chrrrrris I really like the smooth animation, in my opinion the acting is better than your past entry (which is a really good thing!). Too bad you rushed it but I'm glad you entered anyway!